Day: 20th October 2014


What is Immunity? Key Components to Health and Longevity Explained

What is good health? How do we describe a healthy person? Well, a healthy person is a lucky person whose body functions work properly, can move the way he/she wants, breathe easily, has no pain and no restrictions—and who doesn’t visit the doctor more than for ordinary check-ups. This person never gets sick when most others do—and can eat and drink whatever he/she wants without any problems. In other words, a healthy person is a person with a fine-tuned immune system. So, good health equals strong immunity. But what is immunity? Immunity is usually defined as a defence system that resists and fights viruses and infections that enter our body. However, it is more than just that. The immune system is designed to allow a human to live for at least 120 years—and not weaken after forty, fifty, or even sixty years of age. How is that possible? It depends on the individual. Have you ever thought about why young people are healthy and so full of life? And why some people keep this condition …