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Knowledge vs Motivation. You are what you eat.

Knowledge vs Motivation

Which one do you think is stronger?

Is it more important to have knowledge about how to do the things in the right way or the motivation to complete a task no matter the circumstances?

ImageKnowledge is around 5 times weaker than motivation. The passion and motivation will figure out the way!

The problem is that the knowledge about how to do something does not necessarily motivate you to grab the bull by the horns and complete the task.

Your attitude is the strongest indicator that there will be a the clear connection between your actions and results they lead to.

Let’s take an example.

Everybody knows that we are what we eat. We know that the food that we put in us has a tremendous impact on our bodies and our health.

Even so,  people are still smoking, still drinking, still eating tons of hamburgers and “energetic garbage” (the things that gives energy but lacks nutrition).

Only motivation and clear understanding of the causal link will lead us taking action towards making a lifestyle change.

Image“When I am eating crap – I look like crap”.

“If I eat this pasta tonight, I will not be able to zip up my jacket tomorrow”.

“If I take a laptop to bed, I will procrastinate online and will not fall asleep on time – that will lead me to be in a bad mood tomorrow and I will not be capable of doing my best work”.

Knowledge shows you the way, but motivation allows you to carry through with your thoughts and ideas.

So let’s go! Let’s do it!

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