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New Sushi Roll Concept Hits Stockholm

We all have busy lives and there is no changing that perception until retirement. It’s just a plain fact that today’s society demands everything in an instant, so who really has the time to wait, especially when it comes to grabbing a “quick” healthy bite to eat.

Here in Stockholm “grab-and-go” meals are limited. Even worse is that many Stockholmers may have food allergies, be vegetarians, or even diabetic and simply cannot eat what is available




Sushirullen STHLM AB
 Founded 2012 -10- 01
Launched 2013-11-02
Founders Johan Falk (32 years old) and Margarita Falk (30 years old)
First investment 400 000 sek
Drottninggatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden
Nybrogatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden (grand opening 13-06-2014)
Sergels torget (stay updated, coming soon)
Amount of employees 12
Do not miss free sushi rolls on 13 th of June from 12:00 till 16:00 at Nybrogatan 18.

Meet the Falk family—two young and inspiring entrepreneurs who’s Sushirullen (the sushi roll) concept has become a great alternative for thousands of on-the-go Stockholmers. The fast food industry is ready to be changed!

How did you come up with the idea of the sushi roll?

Johan: I was travelling for almost two and a half years. My trip brought me to Melbourne, Australia, the mother land of Sushi rolls as a fast food concept. Staying in Australia for almost a year, I found myself eating those little rolls three times a day and never getting tired of them. After about a month, when it was time to head back to Sweden, I thought that it would be great to make this “sushi roll concept” available in my home country. Then I met Margarita…

Margarita: Yes, Johan came to Stockholm full of ideas, but like all of us, people need to pay bills. So, being the logistics specialist that he is, Johan quickly got a job, which is not very common. At that time, I was working as a key account manager for a franchising company.We met at a friends’ dinner one day then three weeks later, we bought an apartment together. All of my friends, and his too, were shocked but we knew from the very beginning that it was the right thing to do.

Johan: Like most people, we bought an apartment with a bank loan but it didn’t stop us from starting a company. The more time we spent together, the more we realized that we both wanted to run our own business—to develop it, to be self- employed, to let our ideas and knowledge work the way we want them to. The fear of failing was less than the feeling of succeeding, so I quit my job and devoted 100% to Sushirullen.


Partners in life, partners in business



Johan: When we started dating, we began talking about our life plans and about different business ideas. So I told Margarita about the idea of Sushirullen and that it would perfectly suit the rhythm of Stockholm.

Margarita: I actually loved the idea of “the sushi roll” from a very first moment. That was about the time when I got pregnant, so we did what most people would not advise: get married, get a loan for a new apartment, quit our jobs and start a new company. It took us about a year to research the market, find a great location and suppliers, and complete all the necessary paperwork.


Opening a business is the same as parenthood: nobody can be 100% ready

Johan: It doesn’t matter how much research you do, the reality will always be very different. Business is the same as parenthood: nobody can be 100% ready. I cannot say that our reality was cruel to us. No, we had cash flowing in as we were planning and that was important. In less than six months of operation, we understood that we are able to open more places and hire more people. Suddenly, from being employed, we became a company with 12 employees – and it is not a limit. I still don’t believe it!

Margarita: I think being on the opposite side, (as an employer) we realize that the biggest challenge for our business is to find the right people who want to work, who are happy to work, and like what they do. We didn’t expect this would be such a huge problem. We try our best to be good employers and I’m beginning to understand my ex-boss much better now.

Johan: Our business and our daughter are almost the same age. Alicia is ten months old and we take her everywhere with us. She is a proud member of Sushirullen team as well.

Margarita: We don’t say that it’s easy to launch and run your own business while being a parent, but now we know that it is possible—and we are blessed with having the possibility to do both.


Healthy + Affordable + Delicious = Sushirullen

Sushirullen, Drottninggatan 70, Stockholm

Sushirullen, Drottninggatan 70, Stockholm

Johan: Sushirullen is a healthy and cheap fast food alternative. One of our sushi rolls is equal to five sushi rolls at another restaurant and is half the price—Thirty SEK. Nowadays, we have 12 different kinds of sushi rolls available on the menu. We communicate with our customers and get a lot of feedback from them.

This helps us improve our delicious product and create a menu with more  variety.  Everyone can find a roll according to his/her taste preferences.

Margarita: We use high quality ingredients and for us it is important that Sushirullen is affordable to all people who love sushi and want to eat healthy. Our sushi rolls have an average of 153 kcal per roll.


10441978_10203584343585915_8816964437498705337_nMargarita: The plan of getting a Scandinavian market is already drawn (showing a map of the Stockholm region with marks for future Sushirullen places).

Johan: Oh, yes! We are going to expand and looking forward to tripling our business via franchise in 3 years.

 So boys and girls, come by on 13 June to Nybrogatan 18, Stockholm and get sushirullen for free from 12:00 until 16:00…

See you there!


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